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Punti EUEx per Assoreti Comprensione completa della iniziativa EFFRA e dei suoi impatti.Attivare una Mutual Awareness fra Assoreti ed EFFRA intesi come nodi di attivazione...
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Justice and Human Rights
The judicial branch of the European Union preserves core values that gave life to the European integration project. Among the most important ones, the respect...
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External Relations
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Employment and Social Policy
Social and employment policy is one of the most controversial areas of EU competence ...
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Internal Market & Competition
The free circulation of goods, capitals, people, and services within a single market and the following application of a common external tariff were the main...
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Agricultural Policy
The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been a leading policy of the European integration since its inception. Being a policy that brings together all the...
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Business Support Programme Balkan area
Project Title: “Business Support Programme Balkan area. EuropeAid/124852/C/ACT/multi “ April 2009 – June 2009 Location: Brussels – Romania – Bulgaria Developed activities: Assisted the Water Management...
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Harmonization of acquis in the field of science & research
Project Title: Twinning Project reference number BG/2006/IB/OT/03/UE/TWL “Harmonization of acquis in the field of science & research – “Researcher’s package”. Implementation of the “scientific visa” and the...
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TA on Turkish accreditation process for IPARD
Project Title: “Technical Assistance for Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution of Turkey in the Accreditation Process for IPARD”. No. ALTUN/ARDS/TR0702.28-01/FCW/029 September 2009 – November 2009...
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Taiex Mission Event 33768
Project Title:  “Taiex Mission Event 33768: Expert Mission on contract procedures for EC external actions” November 2009 Location: Macedonia Developed activities: TA to the Ministry of...
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PCM Course – Master in Governance, University of Pisa
Project Title: “Project Cycle Management Course – Master in Governance, University of Pisa” February/April 2010 – April 2011 Location: Italy Developed activity: Training on Project Cycle...
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EDF – TA to National Authorising Officer
Project Title: “TA to National Authorising Officer” April 2012 – September 2012 Location: Djibouti Developed activities: Performed training to National Authorising Officer (NAO);Supported EU Delegation and...
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Exchange of good practices on EAFRD
Project Title: “Exchange knowledge and good practices between EU member countries, involved in the management and utilization of the European Agricultural Programs for Rural Development...
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Punti EUEx per Assoreti Comprensione completa della iniziativa EFFRA e dei suoi impatti.Attivare una Mutual Awareness fra Assoreti ed EFFRA intesi come nodi di attivazione e comprensione delle Reti di Impresa in Europa.Processo di intesa che porti ad una coesione operativa fra i due nodi con scambi di informazioni, best …

Innovations and New Technologies for Sustainable Farming

On March 31st, Prof. Alessandro Arioli will held the lecture “Innovations and New Technologies for Sustainable Farming in the Romanian Environment” within a forthcoming European Union Experts seminar in Bucharest. For those whom are interested, European Union Experts gives the the opportunity to download the slides of the lecture, with a full description of 11 Italo-Romanian …

“My village, my business” – Guide of best practices to open a business

European Union Experts (EUE) is pleased to invite you to an important partner meeting of the “My village, My business” project. On this occasion, the Guide of good practices to facilitate access of information to unemployed people wishing to open a business will be illustrated. Date: 15th June 2015 Venue: Valea Calugareasca Agenda 09.00-09.30: Registration 09.30-09.45: …

La Crise de l’Euro, bombe a fragmentation geopolitique pour l’Europe?

We are glad to publish the working paper of our partner Institut Européèn de Relations Internationales (IERI) LA CRISE DE L’EURO, BOMBE À FRAGMENTATION GÉOPOLITIQUE POUR L’EUROPE ET LA RELATION FRANCO-ALLEMANDE : MÈCHE COURTE OU MÈCHE LONGUE ? Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann Géopoliticien La crise de l’euro a un effet paradoxal sur les relations …

Europe’s turning point!

These seem to be changing times for Europe. Just one year ago, Brexit referendum marked the highest victory of the populist rhetoric, fuelling the worst prediction over an imminent collapse of the European Union. Adding insult to the injury, the following British cabinet reshuffle brought to power supporters of the “hard” …