EUE for Climate Change – The AMIS GT Initiative

EUE for Climate Change – The AMIS GT Initiative

A turning point about Climate Change, Social troubles and crisis …

Recently we wrapped together with PEPITEE the pillars of a project to bring the Climate Change question among the people, the workers and essentially the real actors of the Climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation, we mean every individual living in Europe.
AMIS GT means Action for the Mitigation of Social Impact of the Great Transition. AMIS in French means friends and we are ensconcing a listening center where everybody is awaited by competent listeners in different sciences and technologies to give to the people all the answers and the solution to win the war against the climate change, without charging the people but making them protagonist of the Transition, its tools, solutions and opportunities.
We understood that policies are triggering conflicts, we understood that enforcement is causing frictions, the targets of the Commission are very high and the communication initiatives are mostly appearing like adv or worse are perceived like fear mongering actions and all that causes fake news.
The Yellow Jackets rallies are utterly telling that problem: green deal must be grounded, must be understood and practiced day by day, listening the people and assisting them and then telling the stories of how they became aware and empowered. AMIS GT is going to solve the social troubles before the troubles will become rallies and conflict.

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