Areas of Intervention

Our activities areas are related to:

A) Investigation, fact-checking and integration of technologies relevant for the achievement of the DEV GOALS.

B) Relationship, Information, Communication and EU Project Management

C) Training activities

  1. EUE organizes training initiatives on:1) Innovation, 2) Agriculture, 3) International Cooperation, 4) Sport, Tourism and Recreational activities

D) Quality Academy & Certification

A new service provided by EUE aimed to promote public/private-organization quality management principles. This project encourages organizations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace and in particular to focus:

  1. Certification of International Qualifications according to European Qualification Framework for Life Long Learning;
  2. Certification of public / private organizations (specialization in certification of educational services with EurethICS ETSIA methods);
  3. Organizational Design;
  4. Quality assurance & Valorization;

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