EU Project Management

The European Union offers funding opportunities in several socio-economic sectors, such as Agriculture, Social Inclusion, International Mobility, Research & Innovation, Sustainable Development, Energy, Environment, Culture & Heritage, Education, Health and Research.

Each sector has its own characteristics and need specific knowledge and competences, in order to implement the projects in the best way.

EUE makes available its skilled specialists to create a tailor-made projects in the entire sector mentioned above. All EUE experts gained a successful experience to support clients in all the phases of a project, from the planning phase, budget projections and team coordination, to the day-by-day implementation of the planned activities.

We offer, in Brussels as in single EU markets, advisory services during all these phases for the EU projects, which are eligible for national and international funding (EU, UN, and others). It means that our clients are supported from the investment plan pre-evaluation to the implementation of the financing project. Our focus is accessing European funds for private companies or for the ngo/ public sector, creating business-to-business and business-to-public solutions.

We provide strategic advice to SMEs, large businesses and civil society organizations to:

  • Turn a project idea into a consistent project concept;
  • Find the right funding source(s);
  • Identify suitable partners;
  • Manage the proposal preparation process.

Our purpose is also to assist national and local institutions and organizations – from both private and public sectors – to increase the EU funds absorption through our qualified experts and the use of both specific benchmarks and the exchange of good practices.

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