European Union Experts (EUE) has been created on 2001 as a network, on initiative of the president of CLENAD (Committee de Liaison des Experts National Detaches). Its members are mainly EU national public officials that served as temporary officials (minimum 4-5 years) within the European Union institutions. EUE had the objective to maintain contact and coordinate initiatives with CLENAD, developing network activities among the former DNE’s, Temporary and Auxiliary Agents of the European Commission, Parliament, Council and other EU bodies.

From June 2001 till 2005 it operated with the name of FriendsofEuropeand together with CLENAD has supported members in their re-integration in the original services. The idea was that each national public officer that returns from the European Institution to his previous organization can provide an importantadded value, promoting the European ideals and enriching the dialogue between National and European institutions. During these years FriendsofEurope/EUE participated actively to the discussion of the reform of the European Commission introduced by Commissioner Kinnock.

During the last years, EUE has worked for the European Commission as well as for other public bodies during with a total of more than 700 man/days performed.


Our experience focus in the elaboration of information and dissemination plans and in the assistance provided to public institutions and private entities (such as Ministries, Lags, research institutions, producers associations, farmers organizations, municipalities). In addition, EUE gained professional experience in thehuman resource sector, particularly evaluating skills, assessing CVs, devising training programs to strength administrative capacity.

EUE participated to a various Eu funded projects, mainly in the fields of agriculture, rural development, environmental protection, education and research. Moreover, it was actively involved in activities of capacity building and it organized a high number of conferences and seminars. An exhaustive list of EUE’s past projects is available here.

On 2015, EUE is giving more relevance to the purpose of assisting civil society organizations to take an active role in the management and proposition of European policies, as forecasted by the European Union in the new programming period 2014-2020.

Therefore, we put our competencies at the disposal of public administrations, enterprises, and private citizens.

For detailed information related to our services, in Brussels or in Europe, please contact us at info@euexperts.eu.