The Initiative “Reasons 4 Land”

EUE has constant commitment to activate the former members of the Commission in their land of origin.
In that scope EUE is launching the initiative “R4L”:
– to raise the awareness of these Regions about the achievements of European Union from the direct telling of the former members,
– to activate and provoke a concrete storytelling of the members which built what’s good in our Union in the past years,
– to train the stake holders and influencers active in these regions in the attitude to be protagonist in the European field through concrete action and understanding the instruments available.

We welcome all the former members of the Commission to take part in this initiative that we consider fundamental for the rural and urban development of our Union because it bridges together people, experiences, needs and so then it practices an idea of Europe without slums but a grid of interlinked people and knowledge in the wake of of COSMOLOCALISM: think global but respect local.

That initiative is also resonating the underlying  ideas of what is stated in the BAUKULTURE declaration but we put the limelight on the essential figure of the Former Members of the Commission as a trait-d’union between the far-from-Bruxelles-regions and the people living in it.