Research Program

EUE carries out its researches having society‚Äôs needs as guideline. The data and studies run by our associated labs are available for companies, Public Administrations, Universities, Excellence centers and national & regional agencies. We focus especially on R&D and R&I, and our actions are in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy, also thanks to technological infrastructure.

Our aim is to implement both on-the-field innovations, in particular on agriculture, sustainable development and new economic models for growth, and systems that can lead to improving learning and information management and the transfer of know-how activities.

In our research projects we collaborate with the best European universities, international research institutes and technology companies. Our projects start from the creation to the implementation of special activities in partnership with international leading companies in many sectors. They are funded by Ministries or co-funded by the European Union, and we plan to take advantage of Horizon 2020 to make them even more competitive and effective.