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European Union Experts is an association of former staff of the European Commission and other EU Institutions. PIC 954020318.

In the accomplishment of its mission, EU Experts builds on the competence certification scheme, according to the EQF, developed by EurEthICS Training Academy, which is a Certification of Educational Services body able to register highest specialized professionals in all fields of European Studies, such as legal services, cultural, environmental, education through sport studies.

European Union Expert (EUE) was officially founded in 2005 by Clenad’s will to create an association focused on building a solid network between current and former EU officials during and after their work-period in Brussels. Since 2012, EUE started being involved in communitarian organization, initiatives for Active Citizenship, youth support, trainings, information & dissemination activities and professional development.

All the former staff (temporary and permanent officials/ experts) is eligible to be EUE’s member. Since 2001, EUE aims to give a contribute for an European Union that safeguards at the same time tradition and health, memory and innovation, promoting equal education, labour rights, social inclusion, justice and economic development in all EU Members States. Our purpose is to assist national/local public and private institutions/ organisations to improve the absorption of EU Funds through the use of benchmarks and the exchange of good practices in all Europe.

European Union Experts is an association of former staff of the European Commission and other Institutions of the European Union. EUE (www.euexperts.eu) is a Belgian NGO working, since 2001, as a network of “Seconded National Experts”. It has always been involved in EU projects, technical assistance, training, institutional strengthening and on the enhancement of the experience of member-state experts working in Brussels for the European Commission.

Efficiencysustainabilitytransparencyare essential features for the European Public Administrations to implement EU policy principles in order to guarantee good governance, thus ensuring welfare, justice, partnership and the necessary quality of services to meet the EU citizens’ needs and expectations.
The Association uses strengthening the experience gained by its members in the European institutions and public bodies, promotes the ideals of European integration in societies, national administrations, institutions and organizations for a mutual convergence benefit.

Eastern and Southern Europe remains the focal areas of EUE activity. The objective is to strengthen local institutions concerning public/private sector, SMEs and their access to EU funds through project management, good practices and benchmarking. This organization consists in a coordination headquarter in Brussels and other main offices in Italy (Florence), Romania (Bucharest) and Bulgaria (Sofia), where experts and partners operate and recently graduated students are trained on EU issues under the wise supervision of the GM and European international specialists.
Although we are living years of skepticism regarding the EU project, and despite important changes in the EU legislation are still not in EU agenda, is exactly now the moment to re-affirm what Mr Jacques Delors stated: ‘ne pas avoir peur, nous le ferons’.

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