F.M.E. Conference (Romanian Academy)

European Union Experts had the pleasure to attend on October 27th the annual International Scientific Conference 2017 on “Financial and Monetary Economics” (FME), organized as its 5th Edition in Bucharest (Romania) by the Romanian Academy(National Institute for Economic Research).

The conference has been organized with the financial support of Appellant Donor Fund – Romanian Academy. Major issues discussed were related to the EU Reform and Romania’s Opportunity, to Budgetary Spending and Growth in the EU, on EU Convergence in Europe and on Financial stability and macroeconomic balances.

CCFM international Conference, after a plenary session, constituted in several parallel sessions, dedicated to: 1. Fiscality, Public Budget, and Real Economy; 2. Currency, Financial Institutions and Nominal Economy; 3. International Economics and Finance; 4. Corporate and Personal Finance; 5. Sustainable economic development.

European Union Experts attended this prestigious event with a speech dedicated to Microcredit & Microfinance. As speaker, Mr. Tommaso Busini, a young entrepreneur (EYE) and well know expert on EU funds and Economics issues (with a sound 15 years of experience in Romania), had the occasion to come “ad hoc” from Brussels (as www.euexperts.eu in Belgium) to Bucharest (Romania) and to present an overview on the “Microcredit Model as Possible Instrument for Rural and Local Development”, as well as with a focus on Microfinance in Europe (and in Italy, in particular). More information related to the slides presented could be found on this hyperlink (Microcredit and Microfinance in Italy (Busini_27_10_2017). FME Conference has been a great success between institutions and academics. The Annual International Scientific Conference FEM 2017 has been open to all those interested in a debate on the most difficult, relevant and challenging issues in the economic field.

Additional description on the counference could be found at this link: http://www.icfm.ro/ARHIVE/Anunt%20initial%201.htm. Have a good read!