EUE @ Motor Sport Games FIA, Rome

Giulio Glorioso Sales Man P1 @Raceware, Riccardo Paterni VP Business Dev RPM Rete Imprese Performance Engineering, Massimo Donatelli EUE Officer, Lorenzo Baldassarri Psychologist and Psychoterapist

Dr. Massimo Donatelli, our Responsible for the Institutional Affairs, he is guest at Motor Sport Games 2019 FIA in Rome invited bt RPM Motor Sport Italia. It’s a decisive step for EUE to ascertain the depth and the importance of Automotive industry of Italy engaged in motor sports and to propel that in a European scenario where often did not take the podium it deserves in industrial and technological terms. Motor Sport field has to be considered as the cradle where innovative technologies and powerful training approaches in sport are devised and brought at a readiness level ready to be implemented in other sectors of automotive and education.

Giulio Glorioso Sales Manager P1 @ Raceware – Nicola Scimeca Chief Business & Operations Development @ Ycom –
– Enzo Gimabartolomei CEO Merin SRL- – Riccardo Paterni VP Business Dev RPM Rete Imprese Performance Engineering – Giovanni Azzarà EVP Sales Kineton Srl-
in the background, slightly blurred, Prof Lorenzo Baldassarri, Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Formula 4 KCMG developed by Ycom

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