This photo below provoked to us a real aghast. We are profoundly daunted by the FACTS that the green tech of the recent past have ALL a miserable and expensive end of life. Our commitment as an NGO devoted to intelligence in high tech is to hinder and to denounce the bubbles related to the “green” energy.
The Blades of the Eolic systems are not green, we have in front the emergency of billions of tons of waste which now in order to have a green end-of-life they will burn more energy and resources they produced in their arc of exploitation, many projects are in trying to solve the trouble and many are based on pyrolisis, it means 700degrees to destroy them.
It’s simply mindless. The real Green Directions, we know very well, are many and all them are in the uncharted territory of the so called “exotic” sciences which are not exotic at all and they are, and they were, ready to pull out the mask of the so called “green solutions” and to deploy real transformations.
The same disaster we have for the SOLAR PANELS, cells and tons of pylons made in steel.

Pieces of wind turbine blades are buried in the Casper Regional Landfill in Casper, Wyoming. Around 8,000 wind turbine blades will need to be removed and disposed of every year in the United States alone

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