Mandatory Listening

Here we strongly suggest this listening, fro the Hoover Institution Mr. David McCormick CEO of Bridgewater Associates and James M. Cunningham of the Texas National Security Review discuss of things we would like to listen in Italy but we don’t have this privilege. SOURCE: Hits: 64

The Bull Horn of Fake-News is the Mainstream

All the powers are bragging about fake news, this precious and scientific column describes who what and how is fueling 100% the fake news itself: THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA, which to sell news they ride the fake news triggering a spiral chaos. Hits: 65


The profoundness of the last words of San Francesco are clearly mirroring the purpose of the human existence in this planet and it makes clear a grid of interweaving among the forces ruling the nature which has to be driving force of Science and Knowledge. Hits: 52