Enzo Reali

My main profession is to assist those nations which are candidate to become members of the UE, in the strenghtning and aquisition of the governance skills to achieve as member the aims of the Union.
Actually I am in charge of such process in the land of a candidate country.

I’ve acquired such competences working for 15 years in the International Cooperation for NGO and as free lancer and also after 11 years as temporary Executive of the European Commission in Bruxelles and in various delegations.
Another task I work for is the curation of the network of the former executives of the European Commission (euexpert.eu) and to assist companies and institutions in the orientation of the European Programs, the ones decided directly by Bruxelles.
I personally consider as a germane factor to foster the little and micro enterprise. So then I develop a promotional activity of an Italian best practice called “RETI di IMPRESA” ( web of enterprises ) in Bruxelles and in Tuscany.

Across time I was president of CLENAD, it’s the network of all the Executives of the member states detached inside the European Institutions.
I was journalist at “il Sole 24 Ore” the main economic newspaper in Italy, I was writing the column about Italian Economy and Agriculture.
On the topic of agriculture I was investigative journalist and I’ve published a book “Federconsorzi between Market and Politics” published by Edizioni il Sole 24 Ore.

Contribution to the project of the “Movement”: I well know the operation of European Institutions and particularly the mechanisms of the European Commission.
An important contribution I am able to give is to improve the quality and the strength of the negotiating position of Italy in many European measures and particularly in the SME and PAC sectors.
I want to give my effort to orient those measures towards the aim of full employment and therefore to foster SMEs and micro-business configured in a single juridical entity able to contrast the overwhelming power of the multinational corporations.

Personally I believe that is important to dedicate attention and resources

to the development of the people.
The human development has to be the center of the politics measures.
Happiness is a Right not a luxury.

Enzo Reali