Diploma in Accountancy
Commercial Expert
Accountancy Graduation


-Business Management at GOLDMAN GEGOS
-Communication and behavior course method Kiser
-Operational Marketing , competitive analysis and new solutions to the market at the l’Istituto Superiore Direzione Aziendale.
-Seminars and Workshops specialization at Pepsi Corporation of London , Paris and New York
-Project Management Cycle on EU Founding Programs ( Phare – Eureka )
-Leadership Assessment Methodology


1984 – 1987
Food industry
Food and beverage dealer
Sales agent
Initially the covered tasks were those of vendor agent’s; then results and ripened experiences have allowed my advancement to sales inspector

March 1987 – May 1990
Pepsi Cola Mediterranean LTD Italia
Soft drinks dealer
Head of office
Sales Manager dispenser areas in Italy – Malta – Libya
Bottling management
Dealer controller and management

May 1990 – April 1993
Del Monte Sud Europa S.p.a.
Area Manager nielsen 3
Dealers and Business Officials coordinator for the traditional sector and

April 1993 – December 1997
Iricaf Italia S.p.a. Roma
General sales manager
Abroad and Italian market manager for Camilloni mark division.

Advisory Activity

December 1997
Experiences gained in different areas and tasks acquired have increased my management skills in a difficult market situation, thus giving way to relate to different types of markets both domestic and foreign.
For that reason my working engagement was addressed on mandates for advice both in Italy and abroad.
“Irleland – Ghana – Marocco – Egypt – UAE – Malta- Emirates-Homan”

I worked with the candidate countries for projects financed by the EC in the framework of the Phare and Life Projects managed by the European Commission and by some private companies such as soc. Denmark Carl Bro.

Area confiscated mob Project ( Montecatini Terme )
Project for the rehabilitation of areas used for Agriculture in Rome
Pragelato Project (Tourin )
Castellina in Chianti Project (Touscany)
Phenicia Hotel Project ( Malta )
Reclamation Project Lake Chiusi

PUP Project in Rome
vineyard in Chianti Project
Draft Emergency Housing Program
Park of Veio Project in Rome
Environmental project and alternative energy

May 1997 – April 2001
City Hall of Rome
Town Councillor
Head of office
After the municipal elections, I was elected councillor of the XV ° Town Hall in Rome (Civic List with Rutelli) , serving the role of Head of the Political Territory, Urban Planning and Urban Planning of transformation

1998 – 2001 City of Rome

  • Delegated to administrative activities related to tourism development, particularly for the appointment of the Jubilee Year 2000.
  • Member of the Commission delegated by the Mayor for the Study of the Regulations on Administrative Decentralization.
  • Member of the Special Commission on Security established by the Mayor.
    2000 – 2001
    Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
    Board of Directors
    AGEA ‘s Board of Directors : General Agency for funding in Agriculture, appointed by Decree of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Delegated by the Board of Directors for the EU and National Humanitarian Aid to the needy

February 2001 – October 2007
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Member of the Advisory Committee on organic farming and eco-compatible, appointed by Decree of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

January 2004 – May 2004
Delegation of European Commission in Malta, 51 Seafront, Ta’Xbiex, Malta
European Commission
Temporary Worker
Studies on various European funds for projects on the environment. Workshops for the effectiveness of the activities in the environmental sector.
Seminars for assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Affairs to provide to give technical advice and guide in the right direction, in addition to the coordination of related activities of various Departmets

May 2004 – December 2004
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Government of Malta
Project Co-ordinator of the Ministry of the Environment (MEPA) with the European Union and coordinator between the Ministry and the various Environment Departments

July 2005
Group Parliamentary VERDI / ALE headquarters in Rome
European Parliament
Head of office at European Parliamentary in Rome for the political party Verdi

July 2006 – December 2006
City of Rome
Environment Department
Appointee by Environment Department of the City of Rome, with managerial determination No. 387 of 7/4/2006, for the project on the possibilities of modernization and development of farms of the Municipality of Rome:
Castel di Guido and Tenuta del Cavaliere

From February 2007
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Italian Government
State appointed, with a Decree of the Minister, of the Commission for the Promotion of Italian Food Heritage

From September 2008
Rome, National Association of Agricultural Producers
International Officer

From March 2009 – April 2012
Taiwanese Embassy in Italy
Taipei Representative Office in Italy, Economic Division
Promoter activity for the introduction of Italian companies in the Taiwanese market for import and export, by promoting projects which the government of Taiwan has already launched in the various fields of technology, industry, transport, environment etc.. with particular attention, given the international political relations, to make Taiwan a bridge to the Asian markets.

I fund in Rome soc. ITAWAN Consulting srl holding the position of President. & CEO
The company proposes, with the help of professionals and highly skilled technicians in various fields of engineering, commerce but also of culture and art, to introduce the Italian companies in the Taiwanese market not only for the import-export, but also to submit the projects that the government has already launched and that the same government promotes in the various fields of technology, industrial, transport, environmental and more.

April 2012
I sell my company shares and go out definitively from society.
In 2013 I fund in Rome soc. Miti in Italy srl “CEO & Founder”
The company, in partnership with Asian companies and the support of the Taiwan Commercial office Division, is engaged in various commercial sectors to promote business for import and export.

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