Mission and Values

“European Union Experts – E.U.E.” is an international non-governmental organization, which embraces the former temporary staff from the European Commission and other EU institutions. The headquarter of the association is in Bruxelles. The association has been promoted by the Clenad “Liaison Committee of the Detached National Experts” on May 2001 and officially registered on April 2005. Clenad is the official network constituted by the European Commission that represents the public officials of the Members States Countries seconded in the European Institution for a temporary period.

General objectives of the organization are:

  • promote European ideas and integration;
  • keep the contacts between former EU experts for crossover discussions in different fields and via regular meetings;
  • exchange views for the introduction of European projects in Member States.

The Association uses the experience gained by its members in the European institutions and public bodies topromote the ideals of European integration in societies, national administrations, institutions and organizations.

The main activities of the European Union Experts are the following:

  • transfer of best practices among EU Member States;
  • promote assistance through the EUE members to NGOs, Public Organizations, single experts and private companies for the preparation of projects under the Structural Funds, Community and Technical Assistance Programs;
  • organization of seminars and conferences;
  • preparation and distribution of electronic newsletters;
  • participation to European initiatives relating the scope of the Association.

Our mission is also to proficiently guide businesses, civil society organizations and professional associations in their initiatives at European level. We embrace the responsibility to support our clients and institutional partners in developing their European Projects or defending their cause by providing services which are deeply rooted in our values.

Our Official Partners in EU
European Public Law Organization (EPLO)
EurEThICS Training Academy
ETSIA Certified Training Centers
Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE)
Institut Européen des Relations Internationales (IERI)

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