The Vice President



Advanced School of the Romanian Academy (Doctor of Economic Sciences); Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Faculty of Commerce (banking license), Romanian – American University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law (license in law); The Romanian Banking Institute, the School of Postgraduate Academic Studies in Bucharest – Finance and Banking (postgraduate license courses); Bank for the Import-Export of the United States of America (the course “Trade Financing Solutions”); The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection and the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport (certified by the project evaluator, code COR 24126, trainer’s certificate, code COR 241205, certified project manager, COR code 241919 and certified attestation access to structural funds and European Cohesion, COR 241948); Romanian Commodities Exchange (certified broker on regulated markets for commodities and derivatives – CB01 and certified public procurement expert).


Since 1998, I have been involved in the financial consulting activity, the coordination of the national and international projects financed by European funds and the financial management of the private companies (Romanian Investment and Consulting Group IFN SA), the financial and monetary research activity at the level of academic (Romanian Academy- Center for Financial and Monetary Research, Romania) and in international research institutions,  Expert and Rapporteur, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium,  Teaching at the University of Athenaeum in Bucharest, Romania and Istituto Ricerca DAFEES, Turin, Italy.

Research activity commenced in 2014 resulted in the publication of 5 specialized books as author and / or co-author (published abroad), over 60 scientific papers.
Affiliated network member, research institutes and scientific journals:

Associate member of networks, research institutions and scientific journals such as:, ANELIS-Plus, EUFISCCDI Brain, China -USA Business Review-David Publishing NY, European Science Foundation, EuroScience, Economic Research Network, Financial Economics Network , ERRIS, International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), ResearchGate, Journal of Business and Economics, Academic Star Publishing Company NY, USA, International Symposium on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (ISBDAI 2018) Malaysian E Commerce Journal, International Research Institute for Economics and Management (IRIEM), Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Maryland University, North Dakota State University and others.

The 2020 seen the publishing of her book “Competitivness, Enterpreneurship and Economic Convergence (CEEC)


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