5G  6G … WHAT IF …

5G 6G … WHAT IF …

What if the 5G systems based in Microwaves could be shifted immediately towards the harmless Tera hertz Frequencies?
The so called Spectrum GAP already vastly investigated.
Tons of projects already demonstrated that is better than 5G, we invite you to search them.

Where’s the truth in this arena where our body is targeted already by too much frequencies and interests?
The IOT is ready to accept ThZ… so why that obsession for highly questionable microwaves?
Even CORDIS is flourishing of a cornucopia of researches and proof-of-concepts and real projects demonstrating the superiority of ThZ.
Here is the I3E publishing something very important to be known even by our mayors which are following blindly the 5G mania: https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/telecom/wireless/at-the-6th-annual-brooklyn-5g-summit-some-eyes-are-on-6g

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