Here above is the picture of the disgusting situation in which the Eastern “NO HUMANS LAND” of “Europe” is fathoming from more than a decade.
Europe there is only the MOTHER OF PRINTED MONEY not a way to think and to progress and to become a Civilization “C cap” among the others.
After 14 years of COHESION FUNDING to raise from hell the journalists activity and the communication industry today we are forced to read again such criminal acts against a Journalist.
Thousands of pages and puzzling calls and EU babbling from DG and NGOs and other geniuses to get funded-for-nothing, all that worth in FACT ZERO, in front of the pain of this MAN engaged in his PROFESSION and beaten to die for it just few hours ago.
What we call for is: – to CUT all the cohesion FUNDING which did NOTHING in fact and to start a complete different program of HARD EDUCATION at every level of the population of these countries, which are simply posing to be “European”, if that it means something definable in a rational way and not simply a SLOGAN to get easy money for nothing, to get no impact and simply pocket money to go to luxury shopping in Brussels.
We urge that institutions like the European Federation of Journalists might have a role in this LONG LONG journey to transform these “FUNDED HELL” in a TRUE part of Europe.

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